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To keep pace with change, departments must innovate, transform, and work smarter to enhance services and improve outcomes.

By leveraging our deep industry expertise with new technologies, we bring the insight, experience, and data-driven capabilities to the specific challenges that public organizations face and deliver proven solutions end to end.

We work at the intersection of people, power, and politics. Our team of subject matter experts specialize in expeditionary fact-finding to discover, analyze, and put into context the information you need to understand what is happening in the world

How Straife Can Help

Risk Assessments

Straife leverages on-the-ground expertise to analyze risks associated with a specific region, and deliver vital insights into new or existing markets. We reduce uncertainty by identifying and highlighting potential courses of action as we outline the spectrum of possible outcomes to help ease the apprehension that often accompanies uncertainty.

Political Intelligence

Cross-border political volatility can emerge quickly, and a fuller understanding of political environments enable clients to anticipate and respond to rapidly changing political environments and better protect assets, investments, and personnel from cross-border volatility. 

Geopolitical Analysis

Geopolitical stability is constantly evolving in an interconnected world. Our veteran geopolitical team delivers comprehensive assessments and forecasts of political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental risks, and due diligence in global, emerging, and frontier markets.

Intelligence Collection Training

Every successful intelligence unit needs a solid foundation in modern-day intelligence collection and analysis. We offer extensive training on the principles of intelligence, intelligence collection, how to understand and use context and insights, and reporting requirements as well as cyber intelligence and information-sharing protocols. Our training is developed and delivered by senior experts with decades of real-world domain experience.