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Law Enforcement & National Security

National Security and Law Enforcement agencies face a complex and evolving set of challenges. Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, infrastructure failures, and other crises can occur with little or no warning and unpredictable effects.

Effective responses require integrated, collaborative strategies involving a diverse range of federal, state, local, private, civil, and international partners. Modern intelligence-gathering methods leverage local law enforcement counterintelligence against terrorist attacks at home and abroad.

Our subject matter experts include seasoned law enforcement officers, government officials, and professionals in intelligence analysis and training. Our expertise draws from the senior ranks of the law enforcement and counterterrorism communities, with domestic and international experience.

How Straife Can Help

National Security and Law Enforcement Agency Assessments

Our wealth of experience and backgrounds allow us to evaluate, develop, and improve security planning and policies across client agencies through advanced research, analysis, and preparation.

Task Force Operations / Joint Investigations

Our team of former U.S. federal law enforcement officials brings real-world best practices to client agencies. Our risk and operational needs assessments and customized training provide critical insights into building and running a successful Task Force.

Operations and Resiliency Planning

Straife leads national and international continuity for government and non-governmental stakeholders by delivering services and capabilities to support pre-defined disaster response and readiness.

Major Investigations and Case Management

Information and intelligence are at the core of good investigations. Straife helps train agencies how to effectively manage the life cycles of major cases from intake to case closure.

International Investigations

Straife’s team of law enforcement experts have decades of experience managing international investigations. From technical case management to international cooperation best practices, the Straife team can support the development of effective agency processes and training of key staff.


With experts who have worked at the highest levels of the law enforcement and intelligence community, Straife can address the development and training needs of both law enforcement agencies and national security agencies.

Human Trafficking

The complexities of this problem demand a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and victim-centered response. Through prevention, enforcement, investigation, and prosecution, Straife supports local and national law enforcement agencies in building effective human trafficking prevention programs.


We provide clients with expertise honed from decades of counter-terrorism at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Straife’s customized program development advisory focuses on pinpointing the unique factors driving terrorism in your country. This focus provides tailored solutions resulting in more effective counter-terrorism efforts.

Organized Crime

The keys to combating organized crime are intelligence and effective prosecutions. Straife brings on-the-ground experience combating domestic and international organized crime organizations. Our team provides advisory and training on global best practices and practical insights into criminal organizations and successful methods to combat them.

Disaster/Terrorist Event Planning

Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and infrastructure failures can occur with little to no warning. We help law enforcement agencies develop and deploy specialized knowledge and technologies to address and combat some of the most difficult issues facing agencies in an emergency.

Asset Tracing and Recovery Support

Our financial investigators and forensic accountants are specialized in locating and recovering missing, hidden, stolen, and embezzled assets, recovering significant proceeds from those frauds on behalf of victims, and supporting agencies’ anti-corruption agendas.


We provide training services to create effective multinational engagement and cooperation. Our curricula are custom-designed for unique client needs providing the most up-to-date information and training available in modern policing.