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Readiness is an age-old focus for militaries. As budget pressures continue to build, we help defense organizations be more efficient and prepared. Straife’s experience in defense industries covers all major geographies and public sector issues. From cyber and logistics to visualization and mission analytics and personnel, we drive innovative and lasting results.

We combine unrivaled sector insight with specialist expertise drawn from all military branches, the intelligence community, and the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice. 

Our Services
Defense Support Of Civil Authority (DSCA)

The utilization of military forces during periods of domestic emergency is not undertaken lightly. However, the military brings with it unique abilities, in terms of both capability and capacity, which provide respondents with the resources needed to respond to an incident. We help government entities develop and deploy contingency command posts and joint task forces to provide command and control for Federal forces conducting DSCA missions.

Defense Logistics Assessment

Complying with federal mandates is a constant challenge for government agencies. Partnering with Straife, agencies ensure they comply with changing requirements and maximizing investments in new technology. With the insight gained through analysis and feasibility studies, Straife provides a roadmap of necessary changes to processes and current systems. Additionally, we perform gap analysis and data mapping to complete development and impact analysis and resolve implementation issues.

Process Improvement

Operational obstacles represent some of the most sophisticated, complex challenges for governments. Departments are increasingly looking at business models for efficient management resources. Whether it’s increasing the effectiveness of in-theater or reducing waste in supporting commands and government healthcare environments, Straife successfully translates industry Continuous Process Improvement methodologies to national governments’ unique environment.

Leadership Training and Leader Development

Achieving desired outcomes hinges on critical thinking skills, assessing calculated risks, and mobilizing resources for successful implementation. Straife’s leadership and development programs arm senior staff with tools to expand collaboration among components, Federal agency partners, and mutual stakeholders. Our results-oriented leadership training solutions help develop strategic competencies to increase influence, lead effectively in increasingly complex environments, and take others to the next level.

Disaster Relief and Planning

A successful response to any disaster requires a whole-of-government approach. Such endeavors are inherently complicated due to the complexity of interactions between organizations from local, state, and federal governments and non-governmental, humanitarian organizations. Straife’s subject matter experts provide an awareness level understanding of civilian-focused planning for military emergency and disaster management support.

Noncombat Evacuation Operations

When lives are in danger, time is of the essence. Straife guides local, federal, and foreign governments to establish, implement, and coordinate synchronized emergency and evacuation plans for the protection and evacuation of noncombatant evacuees.