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Border Management & Security

Border security is an ever-increasing challenge for governments in how they balance their internal security needs with the need to facilitate trade and travel in an economically responsible way. We work closely with governments to provide insights and expertise that deliver tangible results, enhancing border security, and facilitating strategic and operational border management.

Straife subject matter experts have a keen understanding of border dynamics and decades of field and national-level command experience. Our integrated approach to customs and border services help border management and customs agencies transform their operations to enable the efficient and open movement of goods and people, protect points of entry and physical borders, while preventing threats.

How Straife Can Help

Customs Enforcement

Straife provides a comprehensive array of customs modernization and customs reform services. We focus on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Customs and other border administrations in line with internationally recognized benchmarks and at the highest possible level.

Drug Trafficking

We face serious challenges related to drug trafficking both at home and abroad. Through coordinated national efforts and international partnerships, Straife helps agencies in their efforts to reduce the flow of illicit drugs, drug proceeds, and subsequent violence.


Forward planning often takes more effort and perseverance than reactive action. Straife reviews current procedures and resources in order to identify efficiencies and best practices to improve agency methods. We also help to establish, maintain, and promote effective Refugee and Mass Migration management planning that fosters the highest standards of integrity.