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Corporate Investigations

No matter the industry – internal and external threats can pose dire consequences when left unchecked. When corporate investigations are done well, it can uncover situations that impact security, identify wrongdoing, and mitigate risks for your organization.

Investigations can be disruptive and expensive, and resources are limited. Whether your company is trying to determine a business partner’s legitimacy or uncover employee fraud, you need a reliable, discreet, and objective third party to conduct investigations.

Our thorough investigations examine both internal and external risk factors, looking for all impacts to your work environment and your bottom line. We’re then able to provide customized solutions, providing continuity between strategy and activity. Our operations include the full spectrum of investigative services, including corporate investigations and enhanced due diligence. Our breadth of skills, experience, tact, and industry awareness delivers a solution our clients can trust.

How Straife Can Help
Fraud and Theft Investigations

Financial fraud is often unearthed in payroll, expense reporting, contract bidding, and invoicing. An effective forensic investigation helps determine the source of financial fraud. Our forensic accountants understand where money flows and help organizations create a foundation for future fraud prevention.

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Resolution of commercial disputes or the recovery of fraud proceeds and embezzlement frequently depends on successfully tracing and recovering assets. The location and ownership of assets are often obscured through complex corporate structures and across multiple jurisdictions. Straife’s asset tracing and recovery services penetrate efforts to shield cash, real estate, corporate holdings, commodities, and other tangible and intangible assets.

Litigation Support

Our team of legal and investigative professionals works with you at each phase of litigation. With access to a global network of resources – including lawyers, investigators, and former district attorneys – Straife’s litigation support services empower your legal team by performing due diligence checks, procuring a chain of evidence, and arranging expert witness testimony.